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The Curious Case of the Silent Filibuster

Amid all the news about filibuster reform, maybe you’ve wondered: “If filibusters are such a problem, why don’t I ever see any news about senators talking through the night?” Get the answer here.

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  • Gregory Koger provides a brief history of the filibuster. (For more, check out his book on the subject.)
  • The New York Times hosts a debate over the pros and cons of the filibuster and the current reform proposals.
  • In 2013, Democrats have a majority in the Senate and are pushing for filibuster reform. But when they were in the minority in 2005, they were against changing Senate rules, as this video shows. (Anyone recognize the first person in the video?)
  • This segment from MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes discusses the ways the silent filibuster has impacted lawmaking in Washington.
  • For a deeper dive, this report from the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU examines the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to the “rampant filibuster abuse” that characterizes the modern-day Senate.




Credits: Written by Patrick Sharma and Josh Kalven.
Designed by Tabriz Ghazi and Katie Tonkovich.
Images courtesy of the Associated Press and U.S. Senate.

First Published: 12/18/2012