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The Cost of the Civilian-Military Gap

Chris Hayes, MSNBC host and editor at large of The Nation, lays out the risks of the growing civilian-military gap, particularly as it extends to policymakers in Washington. This explainer is an adapted excerpt from Hayes’ book The Twilight of the Elites.

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  • In his 2011 cover story for Time, Mark Thompson profiles the “other” one percent. He writes: “Never has the U.S. public been so separate, so removed, so isolated from the people it pays to protect it.”
  • This PBS Newshour segment examines the effects of a “draftless decade of war.”
  • In early 2012, The New York Times hosted a debate over the pros and cons of reinstating the draft.
  • In a recent Times op-ed, U.S. Naval Academy professor Aaron O’Connell writes: “Our culture has militarized considerably since Eisenhower’s era, and civilians, not the armed services, have been the principal cause.”

Credits: Designed by Tabriz Ghazi and Katie Tonkovich.
Images courtesy of the Associated Press and the University of Wisconsin.

First Published: 11/13/2012